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Welcome to the “Based Muslims”. “Islam Unveiled: Guiding the Curious.”

Here you will get authentic and practical information about many traditional and modern Islamic values.

You will get informed about the new Umrah Packages and prices from all over the world. It’s our mission to make your journey of Islam as easy as possible.

From Umrah planning to Umrah visa issuance, we are the hub of authentic information.

Stay connected with us to get the latest information about everything happening in the Islamic world.

Why Based Muslims?

Staying true to the teachings of Islam is not a piece of cake. We chose “Based Muslims” to make sure that we are connected to the foundations of Islam. The modern world is a challenge for Isalm in many ways. We bridge the gap between Islam and Modernity.

We are now the talk of the town as we provide in-depth information that a man needs while traveling and performing many important Islamic rituals like Umrah and Hajj.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect more people with Islam and provide authentic news and information about any happening in the Islamic world.

Our main focus

The main focus is Islamic traveling like how to perform Umrah and Hajj and other spiritual journeys.

We provide authentic news on Umrah Packages, how to and when to do Umrah rituals.

Many Users from Pakistan, India, the USA, the UK, Bangladesh, GSC countries, and Africa love our content and information on Umrah Packages.

So don’t hesitate to read our blogs and share them with your family and friends.

What Sets Us Apart

There are thousands of Islamic blogs and info sites but no one is bridging the gap between traditional and modern Islamic values.

We are providing authentic modern Islamic news and information with traditional foundations. You can trust us as we are the only solution for your modern-day Islamic problems.

Comment with your feedback and contact us for any queries.

You can contact us for any collaboration opportunities too.

About Author

Malik Faraz Khalid, the founder of Based Muslim is an Islamic reader and writer. HE shares his authentic information with the audience who loves to read Islamic blogs and Information.

Based muslims author

Malik Faraz Khalid

Malik Faraz Khalid, a passionate blogger and content writer is the founder of the Based Muslims. Feel free to contact me in case of any queries or collaboration opportunities.